Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 3... Some times I really hate being a girl!! =(

This week started out fine, and ended ok, but the middle wasn't so great.
Monday went to the gym for a work out and some how hurt my knee while on the tready... Don't know what happened, it just started to hurt! The rowing machine KILLED my calves... I DON'T LIKE THAT MACHINE! LOL! I had to stop around 3 times on the treadmill while trying to do the "learn to run" program as I was just soo out of breath!
Tuesday was pretty crap, I had ANOTHER break down, I fell off the rowing machine! (SOO embarrassing!!) I stupidly put my towel on the seat of the machine, then after a few strides the towel moved & got caught underneath the sliding part and BOOM off I go, feet still strapped in and all! There were quite a few buff guys there so I was really humiliated & intimidated! WORST MOMENT so far!! Luckily for me I have an AMAZING friend doing this with me and he picked me up, brushed me off, and talked me through it. I got back on the rowing machine and continued with my workout & soon forgot all about it!

Wednesday I was PMSing really badly, I was trying to do the "learn to run" program again and I got really really mad at myself because I was so puffed & couldn't breath. No matter how hard I tried to keep to the program my body just WOULD NOT do what I wanted it to! I powered on though and finished the workout, can't believe how cranky I got though!! LOL! I weighed myself at the end of my workout and noted that I had lost 1.2kg. Not a lot, but hey it's a loss!

Thursday I realised how good my body is feeling!! Before I started this program just standing up from a sitting position would make me see stars, and I would feel a little puffed, and my body felt about 50! Now I'm feeling like a brand new girl! I still pause when I stand up waiting for the stars to go away or to catch my breath, but it's not happening! Even though the weight loss is really slow (probably because I have strayed from the diet) I'm feeling wonderful!!

Friday & Saturday were non existent for me, I had an extremely heavy flow & it was impossible for any exersise to be done. I hated every minute of it as I really look forward to my daily workouts! Another really bad thing about this time of the month is my mood & my sweet tooth!! I ate like 3 ice creams on Saturday, they were weight watchers ones, but still!! I know it's bad but the body doesn't want to listen to reason! =(

Sunday I was able to get out and do a bit of excersise so I tried to do both Fridays & Saturdays workouts, I did Fridays out in the sunshine at the local oval, my dad took my little boy over to the playground next to the oval so we all had a good time. It was nice to be out in the sun! I did however have an overly friendly dog come and jump all over me while I was trying to do my abs excersises!! LOL!! Saturday I was supposed to do all or part of my mini milestone that I'm completing next week which is a 5km walk, but I could only manage 2.5km on the treadmill... I'm a bit worried about next Saturday now!! I tried to make up for it by doing an extra 2omins on the bike though!

All in all this week was ok,
Highlights; I am noticing how grateful my body is for this new life.
Lowlights; Really need to learn how to control my sweet tooth at that time of the month!!

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