Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weak Week 5...

This week was pretty pathetic, quite a poor effort in terms of exercise! Monday and Tuesday was fine, but on Wednesday I thought it might be a good idea to do my workout in the pool instead of at the gym, but there was no empty lanes in the pool so I ended up doing a few laps in the hydro pool, didn't feel like a proper work out at all! Then on Thursday I didn't work out at all because of the old excuse "I'm too busy" I felt so guilty all night! Didn't weigh in until Friday and seen that I only lost 800grams. Was feeling kind of down so I came home and was checking my emails when I seen an email from Michelle... She was saying in it how well I'm doing and that she's really proud of me, I have to say it came at such an awesome time! It picked me straight back up, I went out the next day (Saturday) and did the Super Saturday workout, I SMASHED IT!! I jogged half a kilometer! I didn't think I was going to be able to finish it, but I kept going and before I knew it I had run 500 meters!! I don't mind saying that I felt absolutely awesome!! I could not have done that when I first started this program! I couldn't run AT ALL when I first started!
One of my "One month goals" was to be able to enjoy exercising, well I can safely say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I've noticed that my abs are getting stronger too, I used to have to stop after 3 or 4 because it burned so much, but now I can do almost 10 without stopping!
My beautiful 4 year old son is also reaping the benefits of this new lifestyle, he NEVER used to eat his vegies, now he gobbles them down! He also does soccer and swimming every week too & loves "watching mummy exercise!" He gets down and tries to do some push ups with me, it's so cute!!
I'm finding out who my real friends are too. I have gotten tremendous support from most of my loved ones, but there are a few that haven't been talking to me as much, and when I do talk to them, they completely ignore me if I say anything about my weight loss journey. It really hurt there for a while, but now I have realised that they are just jealous! Which is really sad actually, because they are big people too and could be getting healthy right along with me, but they are too lazy or too set in their ways.
Oh well, no great loss. You win some, you lose some! I can't wait to get my 12WBT Shirt!!

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